CD-ROM - disc mailers
Use these blank CD mailers
to mail your CD's to your friends or relatives.
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CD rom mailer for sending your pictures on disk. click to supersize pic in a new windowCD rom mailer for sending files burned on CD. click to supersize pic in a new window

The CD ROM disc mailers are custom die cut so that
you can slide a CD disk into each side.
The mailers have no printing on them and are
blank on the inside also. You can use these paper
disc mailers for storage of your music CD's or to
mail the disc you have burned of your music or pictures
to your friends or relatives if they don't have e-mail or
if your files are too big to send over the internet.
Burn copies of your files and mail them to your customers.
When you click to buy, you will receiver your 25 pack
of CD rom double pocket storage mailers within days.

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