German Shepherd Dog Paw Print

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$5.99 each set.
You get one left paw and one right paw print in each set.

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Now is your chance to get a custom made German Shepherd
dog paw prints to stick on your car, glass doors,
your refrigerator in your kitchen or at work! We made them in
our shop with our state of the art screen printing presses and
die cutting machines.
The dog paw prints we are offering here
are .002" thick 3M vinyl! Thee size is 3.5" tall" x 2.5" wide.
These are made from a print of our German Shepherd and cut to the actual size.
They work great at the office, just stick them to your
file cabinet or desk. When people see them it will bring a
smile to their faces! These paw prints look cool when you put
a bunch of them all over the refrigerator or car!

If outside the USA please contact us for a quote to ship to your area.

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