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Dear Mike,
I am a business person of 25 years. As a professional pet groomer and an in-home pet sitter I have accumulated many odors that were only covered up with room deodorizers that really did not please all who visited me.
I wanted to find a product that would get rid of the source of the odor, not mask it. My search has ended since I found the original, Pink ExSTINK.
ExSTINK not only removed the smell of dog urine but has eliminated the damp, musty smell from the entire room. It is a wonderful product and I will be visiting your website to purchase more ExSTINK so my shop customers can experience this great product. The pink ExSTINK is the only thing I use! I will tell everyone that ExSTINK is the best odor eliminator AND IT WORKS. IT IS A ONE OF A KIND ODOR ELIMINATOR IN A CLASS ALL BY ITSELF. Thank you for introducing me to such an excellent product.
Thank you "ExStink"!
Canine Grooming Gallery
Hopewell, New Jersey

Dear Mike,
I received my ExSTINK order just in time! Thanks!
One of our dogs got sprayed by a skunk! She kept running around the house (outside) to keep her nose in front of the smell! I sprinkled her with about a one half lb. of Pink ExSTINK. Then she ran for a while and I told her to go in her pool (A small children's pool). She went in there and rolled around completely submerged and then shook and ran some more. I re-applied and within minutes all skunk odor was gone from her fur! Totally amazing!
The next day when I changed the water in the pool it smelled like skunksoup! The powdered mineral had absorbed the skunk odors and when she rinsed in the pool, all the powder was in the water! I do not know what I would have done without PinkEXstink!
Thank you so much!
Enjoy having less odors!
Your Life long customer!
Stephanie in New York

Dear Mike,
I own a carpet cleaning business in Minnesota and had been trying to find an odor remover that actually eliminated odors instead of masking them. Well...I have found that I will no longer need to search ever since I have been using your original pink ExSTINK!
My customers with pets always ask me how to get ahold of that magical powder that I use. You already know that because of all the people I have sent your way and will keep referring them to you because ExSTINK really works!
The 30 lb. container I bought from you has paid for itself many times over.
Thank you Mike!
Dave H.
Carpet CleanRite
Mpls., MN

Your product was a life saver! The smell was gone almost immediately. I have set a small amount of ExSTINK in bowls where there are musty odors and they are gone! I won't even go into the amount of money I spent trying to get my house back to normal before I found your web page. You have an excellent product and I would recommend it to anyone (and have)!
Thanks so much!

A follow up letter from Mandy:

Hello Mike,
Nice to hear from you! I stopped in to view your "Customer Comments" and was
so glad I did! I have a miniature schnauzer who delights in adventures -- it
is so good to hear that your product can be applied to his coat with no ill

One other thing before I close - Last fall, when I was unlucky enough to
have the City's sewer back up under our home and was frantic to locate
something to get rid of the smell -- I came across your product searching on
the Internet. I had sprinkled ExSTINK on the area that was affected and
almost immediately the odor was gone! Well -- about a month ago the same
thing happened (only this time I was home and called the calvary out before
the problem was out of hand). The ExSTINK I had sprinkled under our home
last fall was evidently still active because there was no lingering odor
once the Wastewater Crew had worked their magic! I will be placing a
reorder very soon -- don't want to be without!

The very best to you and yours,

Dear Mike,

Thank you for shipping your product, ExStink, to us so quickly.
We were at our wits end trying to get a smell out of our son's carpet.
Our older dog had an accident, and we had tried everything..
- lysol, carpet cleaner, even bleach on the bare floor & wall.
But the room still stunk. I guess the moisture had allowed
mildew to begin growing in the carpet, especially
since we didn't realize that she was having accidents in the
corner of his room. The next step was going to be to replace the carpet.

After one application of ExStink, there was NO smell in the room. We
treated the floor a second time, just to be sure.

Thank you so much for your great product! Mary Ellen

Dear PinkExSTINK Guy,

Thank you soooo much for having this product available!
My fish tank was over due for a water change and I
just didn't have enough time to do it because our wedding
came up so fast that we were having at our home. The tank was
rather rank and I didn't want people thinking we stank.

I bought a one pound shaker of the powder and a two pound
canister of the gravel. I poured in the entire 2 lb's of gravel
and a couple table spoons of the powder in my 55 gallon fish tank.
I instantly noticed a difference, within minutes the smell was gone!
It took about 10 minutes for the powder to settle into the gravel
and at that point I called my soon to be wife into the room.
(She didn't know I had purchased the pinkExSTINK)
She came into the room where my tank is and
said "About time you cleaned that fish tank!". I laughed and
showed her the stuff and she was quite amazed that it worked.
Way to go PinkExSTINK guy, you saved my rear end on this one.

Thanks again, Pete Hoovey in LA


Dear Sir, After using your product for odor problems in my stored car,
I started to experiment with it for many other things. I am
an herbalist so I always like to find out what uses can be
found for things.
I decided to boil some of the gravel and use the water on my
plants. I used one cup of gravel to 8 quarts of water.
I boiled it for fifteen minutes. I cleaned with it,
brushed my teeth with it, fertilized my plants with it
and then I got the best idea of all!
I poured 1/2 cup of the cooled "magic water" (as I call it)
in a Zip loc gallon sized (easy fill) freezer bag. I added my fresh
clean ready to eat veggies in the bag. (one kind per bag)
I know this will be hard for you to believe, but in a day,
the veggies were crisper, tastier and they stayed that way.
At this time, I have had iceberg lettuce still fresh after
four weeksand Broccoli fresh after 8 weeks . It is so amazing.
I have seventeen kinds of fruits and veggies in my
refrigerator at one time with no fear of spoilage! They all
taste better after the "magic water" treatment.
This is the url to my page about this idea where I share all
of the ideas and procedures with each new produce item I try.

This is the url to my page where I share all
of the ideas and procedures with each new odor removal item I try.

I will be ordering more product soon.


Hi Mike,
I received my ExStink today, and I just have to say WOW.
I am absolutely amazed by this stuff! I'm in the process of
moving right now, and I had a few spots on my carpet where my
dog decided to relieve herself while potty training. It was
never a problem to get the stain out, but no matter what I
tried, I couldn't get all the smell out.
I tried gallons of Nature's Miracle (can you say $$$?),
Vinegar and more, and there was still a lingering smell.
I put down the ExStink this afternoon, waited a few hours,
and after vacuuming it up was shocked to find that there was
no more odor. I had high faith in the ExStink,
and it certainly didn't disappoint. I'm thrilled to have
clean smelling carpet.
Thanks so much!
PinkExStink.com is definitely going to become a staple product in my household.


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