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Fire Boy Decals!
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pic of black Fire Boy decal with premask on it

stickers! Get your Fire Boy sticker now!
Sample picture of Fire Boy decal on a truck

Available in 3 different colors
These labels are made of high quality pressure sensitive vinyl.
All you have to do is peel the liner off and squeegie the
decal onto your vehicle, peel off the premask and there ya go!
These stickers are so cool!
You would not believe the comments I get from people!
The guys that work at the fire department went absolutely bananas for these!!
They said "Firemen Unite! All firemen should have this sticker!"

If you don't like what the copy says, you can
use the FireBoy alone and add a logo of your own
like a chevy, ford or ram under where the water drips.

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The default color is red, use the drop down menu to select the color you want.

Add a ford or Ram sticker where the drip falls.closeup

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