Unite with USA Flag or Star Blinking Pin


See the flashing light pulse and how bright they flashSee the flashing light pulse and how bright they flash
Order a flag for your right ear as earing or both star and blinking flag.
Flag or Star!
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Blinking Flag or Star here!

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The Stars and flag lapel pins for sale here are roughly the size of a quarter.
These flashing pins are made of metal and have strong magnets
on the back. They are screen printed and have bubble dome.
All you have to do is spin the back to start the lights
blinking and flashing. The magnets are so strong, they will
hold the flag or star tightly on your ear or even on thick pants
or blouse. Jeans and t-shirts are not a problem for these magnets.
The two batteries included last a long time because of the small lights
used need very little power to keep flashing.
You can order Stars or Flags, or order both.
Mix and match your order

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Show your colors with pride!
We only ship to addresses within the United States of America!
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magnetic blinking starmagnet flag that flashes
cool star that blinks very bright with 4 lightsA side view that shows how you twist and also shows the 2 magnets

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