Jesus Cross Car Magnets
Guaranteed 100% MADE IN USA
Magnetic Cross designed and made in our shop.

Support your love of Jesus and peace on earth
Apply Jesus Cross magnet to your car or truck to support your love of Jesus and peace.

Our magnets are strong and .030" thick!
Our screen printed magnets are guaranteed not to fade!
The magnetic strength of our magnets is much greater than the imported
magnets you see at convenience stores and other retail outlets.

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The BIG size is 7.5" tall x 5" wide.

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Also available: Ribbon magnets
Yellow, Support Our Troops Ribbon
Red, White and Blue, Support Our Troops Ribbon
Pink, Breast Cancer Awareness Ribbon
Red, White and Blue Patriotic Round Peace Sign
White blank Ribbon, Cancer Awareness
Yellow, blank ribbon, write your own words on them with Sharpie or leave blank

1 Yellow
Jesus Cross

1 Red
Jesus Cross

1 Blue
Jesus Cross

1 White
Jesus Cross
1 of each
Color (4)

4 yellow
Jesus Cross

4 red
Jesus Cross

4 Blue
Jesus Cross

4 white
Jesus Cross

2 of each color
(8 pieces)
Jesus Cross Magnets

25 of Each 4 colors
(100 pcs) Jesus Cross
$1.85 each
Add some MADE IN USA United States Flag decals to your order.

By popular demand - Support Our Troops Magnetic Ribbons

Shipping and Handling
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US Shipping costs are determined by the amount in your cart:
$.01 - $9.99 shipping is $6.50
$10.00 - $49.99 shipping is $8.50
$50.00 - $99.99 shipping is $12.50
$100.00 - $199.99 shipping is $16.00
$200.00 and up is $24.00

We ship via UPS and or USPS
APO and PO boxes are OK and ship via USPS.

If interested custom ribbons or crosses for your fund raiser or larger quantities
of our standard ribbon or cross magnet, please contact us.

We DO NOT out source here, we manufacture in house!
These magnetic items are manufactured in our shop. We convert
raw magnetic sheeting from roll stock made in the USA. Then screen print and die cut
right here in Minnesota, USA!
Our state of the art screen printing and die cutting presses assure excellent quality.

Recent Testimonial

I would like to order 26 more of each color. We are planning
a faith awareness campaign at our church. We want to make Christ
more visible in the world! I recently purchased an 8-pack of your magnets.
I wanted one to put on my car (and shared them with a few friends).
We were impressed with the quality of your product and loved that in
a world where you can find a "ribbon" for every cause - we now have
a visible symbol of the cause we support - salvation.
Thank you for making this possible!

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