Large Format Prints & Posters From Digital Pictures!

The bone is in the picture, it almost looks as if it is real!

Have your digital images made into full color posters!
Have your family photo blown up to poster size!

For custom sized prints, full color posters up to
thirty five inches wide, by as long as you want.
We can print on banner canvas, banner vinyl, art paper and sticker stock.

Figure your own size and cost!
To calculate the cost to have your image blown up, multiply the
length times the width in inches, then divide by 144, then multiply
times $15.00 . This gives you your cost for the large format print.
(Shipping costs will be added when you check out)
Shipping cost is calculated by order total:
$10.00 - $49.99 is $8.50 shipping.
$50.00 - $99.99 is free shipping.
$100.00 - $200.00 is $16.00 shipping.

To make sure your image is going to print clear, open your
image in your paint program, enlarge to the size you want it to
be enlarged to. Then stand back ten feet and look at it. If it
looks good enough to you to be printed send payment first.

An example for you to see a .jpg that was printed large:
Take a look at this guys page, look at the 1st picture, then scroll down
to see the poster we made for him using that .jpg

Be sure to do things in this order:
1. Ask any questions via contact.
2. Enlarge and check your image quality and size.
3. Calculate your cost including shipping.
4. Remember to keep original image, that is the one you want to send.
5. Send your payment as check or money order.
6. Send your image.

When you import your pictures to your PC, be sure to
keep the original without resizing it! That is the image
that you want to send for large format printing.
The clearer your image the clearer your poster.
Look at your image on your own screen at the size you want it
to be, if it looks good enough to you, send it as an .eps or .jpg zipped, using WinZip.

We have Stock posters to pick from below!

A few pictures sent to us from customers showing how they framed them.

This poster is an item you can purchase at sale price, just tell us the *2 horses pic* and we will know to send you this one.

Here are some posters we may have in stock.
If we don't have the item you want in stock, you will be refunded 100%
For a limited time...Only $19.95 ea.
The Bald Eagle print is in an oak frame and behind glass for $49.99
To purchase one of these posters with your check or credit card
click on the "Add to Cart" button above the poster you want to purchase.
* Baby Box Turtle *
* Praying Mantis *
* Eagle w/frame *
* Boundary Waters *
This baby box turtle poster is a very clear picture. The baby turle was only the size of a quarter when the pic was taken. Click the pic for bigger image.
Poster size
12.5" x 21.75"
A parying Mantis poster! Click to see a bigger picture.
Poster size
11.75" x 21.5"
This is a print of a photo captured by Mike Armour. There is no charge for Mike to sign your print. The print comes in a solid oak frame like you see in the pic for only $29.99 plus shipping
Frame size
16" x 20"
Tilt your head to the right, do you see the most AWESOME view of the Boundary Waters Conoe Area in Minnesota. Click the pic for bigger image.
Poster size
13" x 22"
Click here and here to see more in stock posters

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