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'Most-Wanted' Crosshair Targets!
Scroll down to see the video of Saddam hanging
and to purchase your most wanted collectable targets
Guaranteed made in the USA

AUTHENTIC Large Certified Targets

These targets are 17.5" x 23"
The full size images which feature the top "most wanted"
Iraq dictator Saddam Husayne (was hung to death 12/30/2006)
and terrorist leader Usama Bin Laden
are printed very clear and have red crosshair centered on the forehead.
This is where to buy the best quality poster sized
original, copyrighted by TNT Press target practice targets.
These excellent quality poster size NFAA approved thick paper targets
are manufactured in the United States and are of the two most wanted
personalities, Saddam Hussein and Osama Bin Laddin
These novelty targets are suitable for target practice
and setting the sites on your firearms, cross bow or using as a dart board.
How to buy the most wanted Bin Ladin or Husane high
quality targets that everyone is going wild over, just
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Saddam is dead, so we won't be doing another production run of him.
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4 Saddam targets
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He is dead
8 Saddam targets
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Most wanted cards
12 Saddam targets
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He is dead
20 Saddam targets
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He is dead

We just sold out today 2/20/2007 of the Osama targets
If you want to order 100 or more, please do and we will
set up and run your order. 15 to 20 business days lead time.
Otherwise there are none left.

4 Osama targets
Sold out
8 Osama targets

Sold out
12 Osama targets
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100 Osama targets

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This is where you will be able to see the Saddam hanging video
See the Taliban Olympics Movie

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